Издатель журнала Laser Physics Letters выбрал статью сотрудников ИЛФ в качестве одной из лучших статей журнала за 2017 года и помещает ее в Highlights Collection.

I’m writing to let you know that your article, Mode-locked fibre lasers with an adjustable drop-shaped cavity published in Laser Physics Letters, has been selected for the journal’s 2017 Highlights Collection. The Highlights Collection is a selection of interesting and stimulating works published in the journal as part of Volume 14 (2017). The Collection is available to access via the journal’s website http://iopscience.iop.org/journal/1612-202X/page/Highlights-of-2017

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Nyushkov, B. N., Kobtsev, S. M., Koliada, N. A., Antropov, A. A., Pivtsov, V. S., & Yakovlev, A. V. (2017).

Mode-locked fibre lasers with an adjustable drop-shaped cavity. Laser Physics Letters, 14(11), 115101.